Ditch Witch Trenching & Boring Equipment

Ditch Witch Chain Trenchers offer many solutions to both large and small contractors alike. Versatile adjustability of digging width and depth allows trenches to be dug from as narrow as 85mm to as wide as 610mm, at a variable depth of up to 2100mm.
The units have proved most popular because of their high performance, ruggedness, power and ease of operation. For heavy construction digging the larger models can be fitted with backhoe attachments, heavy duty roller booms or earth saws.

Ditch-Witch Trenchless Technology is the only effective alternative when job site restrictions make traditional open excavation methods impractical. Available in the form of guidable boring systems, guidable boring devices or piercing tools, the equipment bores to distances of up to 200 metres through a variety of soils, including solid rock. It can be monitored to depths of up to 3 metres using the Ditch Witch Subsite electronic locating equipment.
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