November 2016

Top 10 criteria to buy right

ELB Equipment fleet specialist, Desmond van Heerden says company owners and fleet managers should take note of his Top 10 key criteria to measure when buying a new piece of capital equipment. This relates to:

1. Finding a machine that is fit-for-purpose

2. Best available performance in terms of throughput, etc.

3. Superior quality of design and manufacture

4. Professional and trustworthy service from the dealer

5. Supplier must have a proven record of support for parts availability and services

6. Machine must be cost-effective and easy to maintain

7. It should offer the lowest possible cost per ton of material handled (overall cost)

8. The machine must have a proven track record

9. It should have a high book value on the used equipment market

10. The high price of fuel warrants that it should be fuel efficient

Provided the supplier can satisfy all (or most) of these requirements, then the buyer is on the right track to finding a suitable machine. “It simply does not pay to compromise in any of these departments purely to remain loyal to a brand. Also, never let cost price be your guiding light as one usually gets what one pays for.

“Rather identify your top choices and research what the overall cost of ownership will be in terms of uptime and availability, parts prices, fuel consumption and aftermarket services (on or off-site). Then take the time to get to know the people you are dealing with to see if they are easy to deal with and whether they share your same goals and business ethics. If so, you have found the perfect match for your fleet and let them strategically align themselves with your business to reach new heights.”