February 2016

Sumitomo logger is a hit

Unless you are in the logging business it is almost impossible to describe just how tough a job it can be on both man and machine. For this reason logging machines are traditionally built tough and come with a particularly heavy price tag.

Until now that is. One of the world’s toughest and most durable excavator brands, Sumitomo, recently launched its own excavator-based logger into the market in South Africa. It provides welcome relief in terms of price and its hyper-tough underpinnings are more than strong enough to excel in harsh logging conditions. After months of gruelling operation at its launch customer, Can Do Timbers, owner Cassie Greyling is impressed with the performance of his Sumitomo SH210F-5 Macan logging platform – especially its miserly fuel consumption and high productivity rates.

Before taking delivery of the new Sumitomo machine, Cassie had conducted months of global research and decided that the Japanese machine, which is based on the underpinnings of the manufacturers highly successful excavator range, will be ideally suited to his Mpumalanga-based logging operation.

Top performer

And, so far he has not been disappointed and is already in discussions with ELB Equipment to purchase another Macan for his growing fleet. While competition in the gum hardwood pulp industry remains fierce, the Macan allows loggers to run more efficient operations with machines that cost approximately one-quarter of the price of dedicated forestry machines.

This, while still being able to maintain the high production volumes that are the hallmark of the industry. The ruggedness and reliability of the machines also enable operators to maintain extremely high availability of the machines while fuel consumption and running costs are also significantly less. “In the right application, such as ours, the machine offer a fantastic proposition.

“We have calculated that the overall cost per ton delivered by the Macan is some 20% less than traditional machines in our fleet and while they may not be suited to all applications, they certainly can make a big difference in areas where they are suitable.

Cost effective

“The comparatively low procurement price, as well as low cost of ownership also makes them a particularly good proposition for shorter term contracts where a return on investment can be realised more quickly than with conventional logging platforms. Due to their solid underpinning they are also capable of working for many years without fail and this is certainly the case in other parts of the world where the machines are used extensively.

“What’s more, the type of engineering and support services we get from ELB Equipment is world-class and justifies my decision to choose this newcomer in the South African forestry industry. After all the machines are designed and manufactured specifically for forestry applications by one of the world’s most admired equipment manufacturers and are delivered from the factory in full South African forestry specifications with no further modifications required,” says Cassie.