Faster, more aggressive screening technology is allowing mine processing contractor, Two Pedestrians Mining, to push production to new levels and radically shorten processing times on behalf of their clients in the mining industry.

According to Neel Rademeyer, who is the hands-on owner of Two Pedestrians Mining, the screening process is at the heart of production to provide the optimal production and sizing for final processing or stockpiling of product. The accuracy and speed with which this is achieved results in improved profitability for its clients. 

Most recently the company has employed a newly acquired Powerscreen Warrior 1400X mobile screen to do duty in volume applications, where its heavy-duty processing power is able to make short work of run-of-mine materials even in rough terrain where its mobility simplifies the load-screen-dump cycle.

Fast turnaround

“The machine has been a revelation in terms of its versatility and work rate. This is important as it means it can be deployed to a wide range of mining types wherever there is a requirement for mobile operations to work through large volumes of materials, whether it be coal, ore or aggregates.

“At present the Warrior 1400X is operating in the coal fields surrounding Delmas where it’s interchangeable decks can be set in accordance with the type and size of coal required. The processing of run-of-mine to 0x50mm product requires that the screen can handle 0X600mm feed. 

“The unique design of the “punch plates” top decks have been a revelation to say the least.   We have processed approximately 600 000 tons on one set of punch plates and see no need to replace them yet. Amazingly, it can be offloaded and be operational on a site within 15 minutes as was proven at Wescoal recently.

Improved operation

Two Pedestrians Mining operations manager, Arno Swart, adds that due to its high ground clearance it is able to tram quickly to keep up with production. The high running position also lends itself to a cleaner operation with no need for ramps to access underneath the machines. The machine’s conveyor height also allows us to stockpile materials up to four metres high which significantly enhances its ability over previous models.

“This additional height has improved our productivity substantially as the front-end loaders are able to fill the buckets to maximum capacity. Therefore, you achieve a reduction in diesel consumption and an improvement in safety. You now have a loader working slower, safer and more efficiently from bigger stockpiles,” says Arno. 

“In terms of performance the Warrior 1400X is a beast that packs a whole lot of punch into a machine with a comparatively small footprint. Because of its aggressive screening nature, it leaves an impression at the mines where it has operated and is therefore in high demand whenever our customers want to boost production. 

“Being of a modern design it is also quick and easy to maintain with easy access to service points. In the 2700 hours that it has been running at our sites it has not had any serious problems. This is in line with our finding on the Powerscreen machines that in our experience simply outperform everything else,” says Arno.

Preferred supplier

Neel continues that Two Pedestrians Mining has a long and beneficial relationship with ELB Equipment, the sole distributors of Powerscreen equipment in Southern Africa. Since starting the operation more than 20 years ago the contractor has standardised its entire fleet on ELB Equipment’s “best of breed” machines from the world’s top OEM brands.

“In terms of the durability of the numerous Powerscreen machines in our fleet, they are unquestionably reliable and the diesel consumption is the most economical in the market. This makes it easier for us to quote on a cost-per-hour basis and brings down operating costs considerably. With consumption of between 10-12 litres per hour, at an average production of 300-350 tons per hour, the figures speak for themselves. 

“In terms of reliability, our Powerscreen machines have proven themselves over the years with the oldest Powerscreen Chieftain 1400 in our fleet having already clocked over 53 000 hours and still running. Likewise, ELB Equipment has given us the kind of support that we need in terms of technical advice, sales and support of their machines.

“The staff at the Middelburg branch are excellent and workshop manager, Johan Herbst provides the kind of support that we, as contractors, cannot do without. ELB Equipment also trains our operators professionally, which makes it easier to get the best out of our machines.”

Operators satisfied

JP Durandt, area sales manager for ELB Equipment also complimented Two Pedestrians Mining for the professional way the machines are employed, operated and cared for by the operators and mechanical staff. 

“Through the years we have built up a special relationship with the owners and managers of the company and, very importantly, we have built up a special report with the operators and mechanical staff who are in regular communication with us regarding their machines.

“They tell us that they prefer the Warrior 1400X and similar machines from Powerscreen, saying that they work harder than other machines in their class, are easier to operate and maintain due to their easy-to-use controls,” he concludes.

ELB Equipment, JP Durandt, Tel: (011) 306 0700,, Web:


Warrior 1400X (3-way split)

• Weight ​​​27,600kg (60,848lbs) 

• Transport width ​2.75m (9' 0") 

• Transport length ​14.17m (46'6") 

• Transport height​3.2m (10'6") 

• Working width ​​12.59m (41'3") 

• Working length ​​14.2m (46'7") 

• Working height ​​4.4m (14'5")

JP Durandt of ELB Construction Equipment
JP Durandt of ELB Equipment with Two Pedestrians Mining operations manager, Arno Swart.

Construction Equipment
The Powerscreen Warrior 1400X screen’s efficiency is proving to be drawcard for Two Pedestrians Mining customers 

Construction Equipment
The punch plates have been a revelation having processed approximately 600 000 tons on one set with no need to replace them yet

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